Wednesday, March 07, 2007


These kids have NOTHING on my son. I found this video online of a screaming contest. Ian could outdo them easily. LOL Check it out! He was mad that I wouldn't give him more to snack on. He'd already had a piece of toast and a banana. He just has a temper! Click the pic to see the video.

I swear CPS will be called on my one day bc people will think I'm killing him. He can scream NON-STOP for 20min- I swear. He did it in the car just yesterday for absolutely no reason other than he was mad that we had dropped dh off to pick up the van. I'd sell him if he wasn't so cute. (Just kidding!) Do you know how distracting that screaming is in the car?! Ugh. He's Jeckyl & Hyde wrapped in a 21mo old child. Lord help me when he's a teenager! Once again, I have a headache. Calgon, take me away!!! Dh already said he's coming home to spend time with the boys tonight so I plan on curling up in bed and catching up on some Tivo'd shows!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing frazzles your nerves more than a screaming kid, eh? I can't concentrate and drive like an idiot. No wonder female drivers have such a bad reputation! We're all just trying to get our screaming kids home!