Thursday, February 12, 2009

Enough already!

First it was hives. Then it was xrays. Then it was hives again. Seriously? Enough already! I had to take Bella to the after hours pediatrician tonight when she started breaking out in hives again. Around 2pm I noticed a small mark near her eye. It looked like a welt but I didn't think much of it. When we got home I put her in her swing for a nap. Around 4:30 I went to get her and her right eye was swollen. It looked like someone had punched her. She was happy and smiling though. I noticed she had another one on her other eye and more on her face. Oh geez. She hadn't eaten anything unusual today and I haven't used any chemicals lately. The only other thing I could think of was the new school spirit shirt I was wearing. I just got it today and threw it on to check the sizing and never took it off. So I called our ped and sat on hold for 20 minutes waiting for a triage nurse before calling back to talk to one of the front girls who immediately got me a nurse. I got one of the first after hours appts for an hour later and took the poor baby in. She looked horrible and yet still so darn cute. Her face was so splotchy.

When I took off her dress in the exam room you could see a bunch of welts on her body- legs, arms, feet, back... I never even saw them at home. The lights there are just so much brighter. Got her weighed (16lbs 2.9oz) and took her temp (99.2) and saw a new pediatrician (very nice!). He asked some questions and decided it was probably viral since she had a cold just a few days ago. He said it's the most common reason for hives besides food allergies. Apparently our bodies can send out the *wrong* antibodies sometimes and hives are the result (or a rash). Didn't know that! He recommended Benadryl for her and that was it. Phew! I'm glad it's not more serious. I've never had this issue with the boys so it's all new- and scary! When we got home she was already really tired so we gave her the meds and I nursed her and put her down for the night. Hopefully she'll be all better by morning. You can be sure I'll be checking on her before I go to bed tonight though!

My pretty girl this morning-


Looks like someone punched her!

See how swollen it was!

At the Dr's office. I was wearing her hence my schnoz in the picture. ;)


Anonymous said...

Poor little girl! I took my son, Xander, to the doctor yesterday because he broke out in a red spotty non-itchy rash all over his body. They said it was viral too and he wasn't contagious. Thank heavens! They said that Benedryl wouldn't do anything except relieve any itching, which he didn't have. Apparently it lasts like 3 - 5 days. So for now I have a cute spotty boy. Hope Bella feels better soon!


Heather said...

Awww, poor thing. I'm glad it's nothing serious.

Amanda said...

Awhhh! I'm glad she's alright. She's too darn cute...hives and all!

Andon woke up with hives on a Saturday a few months ago. We called the Ped. that was on call and he said to use Benadryl. It worked and he was fine the next day. It freaked me out too b/c we'd never seen anything like that with Hayley.

Scarlett said...

Glad it wasn't more serious. That happened to Isaac when he was about that age, except it happened overnight. When I put him to bed, he was fine, when I went in to get him in the morning, his eyes were nearly swollen shut! Talk about freaking out!!!

Melodie said...

Poor baby!