Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yet another

Bella was quite upset yesterday. She's been scratching at her ears and face and turning her head from food when in her highchair so I knew something was up. I went to nurse her before bed and she tried before turning her head and crying. I'd try again and she'd bite me before pulling off again. She isn't a biter usually and certainly isn't a fussy eater. I got up and gave her some teething tablets and then decided some Motrin was in order. She was just not herself. I gave it a few minutes to kick in and tried to nurse her yet again and this time she was okay. Poor baby was just in pain. I flipped her upside down this afternoon and she opened her mouth to laugh/smile and lo and behold- there was a new tooth! That makes #5. She'll have a mouth full before I know it!

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