Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

What a day it was!! We had a party to attend this morning for my niece's 1st birthday. When I went outside to start loading the car I noticed egg shells on the ground. Looked over and there was dried egg on the back of dh's Civic. It had also splashed onto my truck so I called my mom to say we would be late. We couldn't just leave it there as it would ruin the paint. In the meantime I got the kids all buckled in and turned on my remote start and the A/C. Thinking dh was just about done I put the keys in the ignition just a few minutes later. That's where the fun began. He was spraying the OPPOSITE side of the car and decided to close my door (driver) not knowing my keys were in the ignition. When he did that my car locked. It automatically locks. And guess what? I don't have a spare key (I guess I need to spend the hundred+ $$ now for one) and the other remote won't work with the car on.

You'd think it wouldn't be so hard to fix. Logan was able to unbuckle his harness but apparently we never taught him how to manually unlock a door. Either that or my gifted student lacks common sense. It was really funny. Dh is yelling at him thru the window to unlock the door. Dh is pointing to where the button is. Logan keeps touching the window where dh is pointing. I really wish I had it on video. Over and over we tried. Next dh tells Logan to unbuckle Ian. Tried the same thing with Ian. Ian didn't get it either. All this could have been fine if my back window motors were working properly. They keep sticking. We had to finally tell Ian to climb to the passenger seat and roll the window down. That's how we finally got back in. That will teach me to never leave the keys in the car with the ignition on!

We did finally make it to the party about an hour late which was fine because some people didn't get there until even later and they hadn't even started cooking. The boys had fun and my niece's cake was adorable. Dh was none too happy that once again he was overlooked when it came to food. I think it's just rude not to accomodate certain dietary restrictions, especially when it comes to family. This would be twice this year too. Thankfully I found out about it right before we left and we made a pitstop at Subway.

After the party we headed back to Orlando and went to Epcot for a few hours. It was so busy! I hate that we are *forced* to use our passes this weekend. I say forced because it's our very last available time and being President's Day weekend, it's super busy. Afterwards we ran over to Downtown Disney where dh let them pick out some Legos as a Valentine's Day gift. I also grabbed a backpack for Logan to use for school if he wanted. It was a *really* good price and not something I wanted to pass up. And speaking of Valentines, dh got me a yummy box of Godiva dark chocolates and a stuffed Piglet (Ian picked it out). Ian also picked out a stuffed Squirt turtle from Finding Nemo for Bella. I got dh some Fudgie Wudgie and a couple of movies. Oh and unbeknowst to me until tonight, we got a new-to-us HD camcorder as well. Never used but the co-worker he got it from just bought a new one and sold dh this one. Yippee!!! We used it last night and today. It takes awesome video! So we had a good Valentine's Day. Hopefully all my friends and family did too!!

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Melodie said...

A lack of commen sense is very common among gifted children. Seriously.