Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Artist in the Making

Best. Toy. Ever.

Bella loves her brothers' Magna Doodles and will carry one of them aroud screeching at one of us so we'll hold it for her. This morning she found it on the floor and sat right down to start scribbling.

Forgive the hair in her eyes. Her bangs are getting sooo long but the rest of her hair isn't. I'm always pushing it to the side.



Debbie said...

Aren't the Magna Doodles the most awesomeness toys EVER!

Amanda said...

Awh! Maybe she'll be an artist! Love her little dress.

Bc loves Rb's Magna Doodle too! I was excited to find a second one at a yard sale the other weekend, so now he has his own! :-)