Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Burger King's new ad

Who's up for some Burger King and a BJ?!

What do you think? Hilarious or Inappropriate? Do we really need these innuendos? Does it make you want to run out to BK right now and get this new sandwich? And wth is up with the blow up doll look?!



Karen said...

One of my FB friends posted a link to this advertisement. Totally inappropriate IMO.

Bruce said...

LOL, haven't seen your blog lately. What's the thought process behind this ad? Let's see, we have a big burger... what's the target demographic... Men and teenage boys, especially macho types that like to eat big food. I know! Let's make a suggestive ad with the sandwich as a surrogate penis. That'll really get the guys to... want to... put it in their mouths?

Who could have thought this was a good idea?