Thursday, January 04, 2007

Awww..... the little monkey!

I believe Ian said I Love You for the 1st time tonight. I kept saying it to him and he came out with a gibberish phrase that sounded like it so that's what I'm going with. LOL He's also quite the monkey. Dh had the ladder out so we could put our Christmas stuff up in the attic and Ian climbed right on up. Dh was standing with him the whole time btw. While we were taking the stuff down, we banished the boys to Logan's room for a few minutes. Logan came out a few minutes later and said Ian had climbed on his bed. Ok, I'm thinking he's on the bottom bunk, there's no ladder to the top. Wrong! He had climbed on the toy box back (it looks like a bench) and somehow climbed up to the next bed and was just standing there on the outside of it. He wasn't in the bed, but standing on the wood frame. OMG! I'm in so much trouble with this one. LOL I still have no clue how he climbed that far. There's a pretty wide space between the bench toybox and the frame.

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Misty said...

You are so going to have your hands full!!! :) Alex was a huge climber and I was nervous all the time!! :)He would climb on top of our t.v., counters, anything he could get on top of!