Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dinner with the GFs

So we had a Mom's Night Out last night at JoTo's restaurant. It was so good! It's a hibachi place where they cook your food in front of you. I must say, I know rice is cheap, but do you really need 2-3 cups of it on your plate alone? I'd much rather have more veggies. Boy have I changed! LOL I tried sushi for like the 3rd time. Julie and I split California rolls which are crab, avocado, and rice. It was good. Stacy ordered cucumber rolls which is rice and cucumber wrapped in seaweed. It was okay. Pretty boring actually but I didn't dislike it. Much better dipped in the soy sauce though. My dinner was shrimp and scallops. Mmmm. Makes me want more! I love seafood!!! After dinner, we all went out to Coldstone Creamery despite the fact that it was cold outside! I tried a smoothie made with their "sinless" icecream (made with Splenda). It was really sweet. Too sweet. It was a great night though and I had a ton of fun. I love getting out like this and hanging with my friends. I'm looking forward to Saturday's Book club meeting now. :D

Poor Logan- his fave pillow tore tonight. I bought it at Walmart like 2-3 years ago. It's his Stop/Go pillow with a sign on either side. I walked into his room tonight and there was "snow" everywhere! He had been playing in it with his trains. Oh my. I can't blame him, it looked like fun. :) I vacuumed it up, emptied the pillow the rest of the way and it now is sitting in the kitchen looking very deflated and pathetic. I offered to fix it or buy him a new pillow and he opted to fix it so we'll be headed to Joann's tomorrow to buy some fiber fill I guess. It didn't rip on the seam either so it should be great fun fixing it- it won't be pretty!

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