Saturday, January 27, 2007

I want a Coach!

No, not of a team, a bag. I want a Coach purse. I don't really know why other than I really like how they look. I keep looking at purses at JCP and Target and none stand out to me. Maybe I should branch out, huh? I really need a new purse. Dh wouldn't agree with me, but I really need a new one. I can't justify spending $300 on a purse. I barely justify $50 on one! sigh... It has to be big enough to put a diaper and some wipes in as well as my wallet, WW calc. and some makeup (lipstick, sanitizer, gloss, powder), my cell phone and keys. It has to be a go-with-all kind of purse too. Maybe one day I'll find my perfect purse.

You know, I'm realizing something about myself lately and I don't know how or why it has come about except that I've lost all this weight and I think I look pretty darn good. I've always tried to look good when I go out. I do my hair, put on some makeup and don't try to wear holey, stained clothes. I like to make a good impression. But the more weight I lose, the more I want to look good. I don't want to be vain but I don't think there's anything wrong with looking good right? Maybe that's why the whole Coach bag issue has come up. I find myself wanting to try new things. A new brand, new size or style, new hair-do, etc. I don't want people to think I'm changing on the inside though and I don't think I am. I'm still me, just with a new outside. Make sense?

On to stuff that doesn't really involve me. We finally got our new door installed! Yea! It still needs some work but it took dh and BIL to install it. We need a new frame on the inside, quarter round on the outside and the frame needs to be painted. We added some privacy film to the inside which greatly helped and I think it will look really nice. I think it looks good though and everytime I walk by, I do a double take bc I'm not used to it. It could be partly that there's a huge window now or the fact that there's no more kid's magnets on the door. ;)

A few Ian words:
Wawa- water
Agua- water
Wah-ra- Dora
Apple- apple or orange depending on what toy fruit he's holding
Juice- juice (sounds exactly the same or like Jewwss but very cute how he says it with lips all puckered up)
Nana- banana
fu bah- fruit bar

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