Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Woohoo for resort wear season!

LOL! I'm so tired of manufacturers sending all us Florida girls winter stuff in Aug/Sept. Come on people! It's freakin' 80 in December here. We don't need tons of furry wool coats, heavy sweaters and long sleeve shirts. We do still need capris, short sleeves and shorts. So thank goodness for resort wear time. It usually falls in January and I just got an email from JCP that it's time! It's time for shorts and capris to come back to the stores. Since losing weight, the only shorts I have are all way too big. I have one pair of capris that are my size and fit me in the waist perfectly but the rest of them wrinkles and stretches so much thru out the day, I look like I lost weight by day's end or wore pants too big. Looks like I'll be shopping soon.
My boys are driving me insane. Omg, the fighting and whining and crying are enough to drive anyone insane. It starts out like this. Ian touches Logan's toys. Logan's yells "no that's mine!" Ian screams and runs away. Logan yells "give that back/to me". Ian screeches more. Logan starts crying "He won't give it back". Mommy intervenes depending on what toy it is and who had it first whether Ian has to give it back or Logan needs to share. It's only going to get worse isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to new shorts too! I'm sick of having a baggy butt and feeling like they are constantly going to fall off. My brilliant husband told me to get a belt! :)