Saturday, January 06, 2007

View thru the eyes of a 4yr old

Logan received a Fisher Price Digital camera for Christmas from Santa. He loves this thing. I love looking at his pics. About half of them I end up deleting since they are just all white or all black- usually the result of getting too close to his subject but some have come out nice. He turns the camera upside down or tilts to get different angles. I especially love the pics of shoes and half a face. LOL The half a face isn't his fault though- even dh and I have problems with that. When you look thru the viewfinder, you see the whole face but when it takes the picture, only part of it is there. He hasn't learned to just look at the screen. It's too much fun the way Mom and Dad do it.

Ok I wanted to show the pics, but Blogger is cutting off half of the pics no matter how I size them. Grr

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