Thursday, June 14, 2007

Same Logan...Another Season

Sigh.... we talked about this before tonight. He said he wouldn't cry, he'd share the ball....but alas, it's the same Logan as last soccer season. This was the 1st practice of this soccer season with the rec center. He looked the part with his knee socks and shin guards. He was on the field and kicked the ball into the goal taking turns nicely with all his team mates until it was time to "play" a game. Then he just stood there while everyone else was running around having fun and getting the ball. When I called out to him, he started crying. I told him to go after the ball but he couldn't get to it as other kids are faster and he cried more. At one point, he was choking just because he couldn't get his breath. You want to say Poor Baby, but it's embarrassing. I tried to encourage him and I'm not letting him quit. It's something he needs to learn about- team sports. Next sport we do though won't be a team sport, it will be something individualized like martial arts or something. He's so sensitive and I think he may need the martial arts training in the future.

Here's a pic after the practice of him goofing off.
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Logan and I went to check out a preschool today. I liked it. It was recommended by a playgroup friend. The teacher was wonderful and showed us around. I liked the one on one attention Logan would be getting. I liked that field trips came to the school (plays and such) and I could volunteer and bring Ian with me. I don't like that it's 5 days a week but I'm getting the feeling I'm not going to have much choice here. I can snag the last spot for the morning class from 9-1 and pay tuition or take the afternoon class of 1:30-4:30 (same curriculum) and it's free. I filled out our VPK form and got our certificate so now I need to make that last decision of which time slot I want. I don't know what to do and dh is absolutely NO help.

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