Friday, June 01, 2007


This is my 101st post! Wow!

So I watch this particular website everyday. They have one item up every day for sale for a great price. Usually it's techy stuff but sometimes you'll find a toy, computer, phone, Roomba, and just other stuff in general up for grabs. When it sells out, that's it for the day. You can buy up to 3 of that item and that's it.
Once in a while they have a Woot Off. Basically they sell item after item until each sells out. This last woot off has been going on for more than 2 days now. I think my Refresh button and left clicker on my mouse may give out soon! LOL The most coveted item(and why I'm constantly refreshing) on Woot is a BOC aka Bag of Crap, Bandolier of Carrots and many other names. You get 3 items in each bag for $1 and you can buy up to 3 bags ($5 shipping). These go so fast it's unreal. Literally in under 30 seconds the server will go down because there are so many people trying to get one of these. Why? You never know what you'll get. You may get some blank CDs, DVDs, camera case, pen... or in the case of a very lucky (rare) few, you may get a new Wii (Nintendo) or big screen TV!!

So now that you know all that, I've been Wooting for the past 2 days. Thankfully there were Woot Killers going on (items that weren't popular and lasted a long time) so I could get errands done. I did buy a Roomba Discovery SE for $149 (normally over $200) AND the best part of Wooting- I got my 3 BOC's! Most of you are probably shaking your head right now, but it really is a rush to get in on it. I'm not the only one obviously either. While the Wootoff was going on, I was chatting on Babycenter with other mom's who were wooting and waiting for the BOC as well. Now, we're going to make up our own BOC and send it to each other. How funny! It's over now though...for the time being. There will be another Woot Off eventually and I'll be there!

Oh and for those who like wine, check out their other site, Wine Woot, all wine, all the time.

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