Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kmart Double Days

I went over to Kmart last night to see what kind of deals I could get. Yesterday morning I started out by clipping all my coupons that I'll use (I don't bother with stuff we don't buy) and I then sorted and wrote down all the coupons and prices off so I could scan my list while I walked the store. I had planned to go straight there afterwards but then decided I'd wait until dh got home so I could go by myself. Very good decision as it took me awhile! I don't think I could have done it with whiny, complaining children.

I ended up with $105 worth of stuff for $64 (including tax). Not too shabby. That included 5 packs of diapers too! Our Kmart really sucks when it comes to product stock as well as price and I have no idea how they stay in business. In the end I bought 5 jumbo packs of diapers, toothpaste, Scope, Boston contact solution, Smart Rinse, floss, dental picks, Ziplocs, natural bathroom cleaner, Pringles, Kelloggs cereal, rootbeer(no coupon), sour cream, mustard and shaving foam. I tried not to buy anything that I wouldn't already buy/use.

I just found another $1.50/Pampers coupon (doubles to $3 off) so I may go back one more time this week plus they were really low on stock on wipes so hopefully they'll get some more in and I can use those coupons. I'm already pretty well stocked on wipes but it's not like they won't get used!

If you have a Kmart near check to see if they are doing double (or triple) coupon days this week! You may find some deals!



Melodie said...

How often do they do this sort of thing? I could really use a break on diapers once this baby gets here, since I can't get the ones we use at Costco.

Melodie said...

I got my $11 package of Huggies for $8 with my $1.50 coupon! Thanks for the heads-up.