Friday, April 03, 2009


(A couple of people have commented that she doesn't know about expiration dates but I'm 99% sure I emailed her once before about this carseat and flagged it and it's now back up again. That's okay, I'll just keep flagging it.)

I'm thinking if you know the mfg date of a carseat and that it even has a sticker on it then you should know when the seat EXPIRES. Check out the ad on Craigslist I just flagged.

ONLY needs a new seat cover. The elastic is stretched out and why I recommend a new cover. You can buy Britax seat covers on ebay for $30-40. Aside from the seat cover, excellent safety rated car seat and never in an accident. Mfg Date is Nov 1999. I am still using another Britax Roundabout in my own car from Mar 1999 and is the best car seat I've had. Navy blue is the color of the base. Great for a second car or backup seat for grandma's car. This seat can be used rear facing or forward facing upto 40 lbs. This comes with the tether strap for anchors in newer cars. Easy to use and install.

Really? a 10yr old car seat? Is a child's life really worth $25 to this person? Sad. I emailed her about it and flagged the listing. Want to see what happens to a child in a 10yr old seat in an accident? Watch this video



Amanda said...

Nope she has no clue. SO-O many people have no idea car seats expire.

I'd love to know if she writes you back.

Heather said...

My guess is that she just doesn't know. Plenty of things probably have dates on them yet no expiration.

Melodie said...

There's no way in hell I'd use a 10 year old car seat. And why anyone would buy a used car seat on Craig's List is beyond me. If you don't know the previous owner personally, then you really can't trust them when they say "no accidents," can you?