Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New AAP Car Seat Recommendations

All of my friends know just how concious I am about car seat safety. Many of them come to me for advice and if I don't know the answer I will find the answer and learn something in the process. My children are all in a 5pt harness. Yes, that includes my 6.5yr old son (except in dh's car where he's in a booster). My children do not go anywhere without being buckled in. I don't care if we're driving around the corner. It's not an option.

My children were all rear facing until they hit the weight limit on their convertible seats as well (usually 33-35lbs depending on the seat). Bella of course still is and will be for a long while. Up until recently pediatricians would tell you to go ahead and forward face your child in the car at age 1 AND 20lbs. (we won't go into the fact that 99% of peds know nothing about car seat safety). The AAP came out with a recommendation a year or so ago stating that while you can FF your child at 1 AND 20lbs it's best that you leave them RF. Now they've revised it yet again to state that you should RF your child until age 2 or until they've outgrown the RF requirements on their seat. Yea!! It's about time!

Did you know....
  • that a child is 5 times more likely to be hurt in a crash if they are FF vs RF?
  • a child can be internally decapitated from being FF too soon?
  • that a child's head makes up 25% of their body mass? That equals a lot of force on the neck/spine in a crash.
  • no child has died from a broken leg from being RF in a crash. Would you rather them break a leg/hip or break their neck? They are not uncomfortable RF. They will find a way to sit (Criss cross applesauce for example)
Great RF information!
Kyle David Miller Foundation

If you've recently moved your child to a FF seat and they are still within the limits to RF, it's not too late to change them back! It may not be convenient for the parents but it's safest for the child.

If any of my local friends/family want help with their seats they know where to find me! I'm always glad to help and if I can't I won't leave you in the lurch. I'll find you a technician in the area to help. Oh and btw, do NOT go to the local firestation unless you know that there is a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). I hope to one day be able to take the courses to become a CPST.



Amanda said...

Great Info Sista!!!
Amen to it all!

Heather said...

Good to know!

BTW, Jason's current seat will expire before he outgrows it. With that knowledge, I think I'm gonna just replace it now. Would you get Tyler (40lbs) a new seat and give Jason teh Radian rear-facing, or would you get Jason something new? Any recommendations?