Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Girl's Night Out

It's been a long semi-lonely summer without my besties (that's best-ies, not beasties just in case you read it wrong). One had a baby, two others have been in and out of town, another has been working all summer and the last one has just kept her kids busy, busy, busy this summer. So when I got an email asking about a girl's night out I jumped at the chance!

A little background- We're a bunch of friends that have been together for several years now. I think I've known Jen and Julie the longest (almost 6 years) followed by Holly, Scarlett and Amy. When we get together we have a few serious discussions but mainly we laugh. We laugh until we cry. Name a topic and I'm sure we've talked about it at some point.

But we aren't decision makers. The only thing decided beforehand for GNO was that we were going to see the movie Julie & Julia and we're going to go eat afterwards. Where are we going to eat? What movie time? What do we want to eat? Apps? Dessert? Dinner? These are all questions that go in circles during our emails back and forth and even after the movie as we were standing outside the theatre. I knew it was going to happen. What can you do though? That's just us.

So only four of us went to the 6:45 showing of J&J. The other two couldn't make it tonight. Decent movie- had some funny parts, but was very long. It feels even longer when you have to pee. And I always have to pee by the mid-end of a movie. It's just inevitable. Not a movie I'll be buying on DVD by the way.

After the movie and a quick bathroom stop we went outside to mull over all the restaurant choices we had and finally decided on Mimi's Cafe. Jen rode over with me and I don't know how but Julie and Amy beat us there. I think Julie must drive really fast because I know I don't drive really slow. We basically closed the place down. I'm stuffed like one of Julia Child's ducks at the moment. The food was good but I think Julie and I were missing the aioli on our croissant sandwiches. What would Julia Child say about that?!

And of course we talked. We had our serious discussion and we had our comedic moments. Jen was crying at one point and Amy was snorting (or was it Julie snorting?). I always have a great time when I go out with my girls and I don't know what I'd do without them. Love you ladies!!

Amy & Julie

Jennifer and Me


Anonymous said...

aww! What a sweet post, and described us pretty much perfectly! I'm the snorter, Amy is the cackler (is that a word?)!! I love you too MAN!

jennifer said...

And I am the Brash one! Love you too K.

Amanda said...

Awesome that you have friends like these ladies. You are blessed my dear!

Have a great Thursday!

Holly said...

Awww, that's so sweet! Thanks for being a bestie!!!
Oh, and you have known me as long as Jen and Julie! ;P You wouldn't know Jen if it weren't for me!!! I was the one who told her about Matching Mom's one day at All Person's!!! You can thank me now! LOL