Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Veggie Pot Pie

I decided to share this with you not only because it was good but because I have absolutely nothing else to write about right now. Hehe. This is one of those "wingin' it" recipes by the way. I kind of make it up as I go along. We ate part of one pie last night and dh had the leftovers for lunch today and the other whole pie made up tonight's dinner with leftovers for lunch tomorrow. My kids ate it all too with glowing reviews!

Veggie Pot Pie
Makes 2 -9in pies

2 boxes Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts
2 cans 99% FF Cream of Mushroom
1 can Vegetable Broth
1 small bag (10oz?) mixed veggies (corn, peas, green beans)
16oz fresh (or frozen) sliced mushrooms
1/2 head fresh cauliflower (or frozen if you can find it), cut into small pieces
4-5 red potatoes, diced small
1/2 bag Morningstar Veggie Crumbles (optional)
butter/olive oil (or whatever oil you have on hand)
Rubbed dry sage (spice aisle)
garlic powder or fresh garlic, minced- whatever you have on hand

In a large saute/fry pan, saute your mushrooms in butter or olive oil on med high heat. If you use fresh garlic, add it now and saute with the mushrooms. Salt to taste (tasting always a must especially when using butter- mmm). Set aside.

Take the pie crusts out of the boxes so they can come to room temp.

In microwave, steam your frozen/fresh veggies until just tender. Potatoes should be just done and a fork should go in easily. Season to taste. If there's one thing I've learned from cooking shows it's that every layer needs to be seasoned.

Heat oven to 425.

Back in your saute pan heat some butter or olive oil (2 tbsp or so) and add your flour (prob. 2 tbsp or so- remember I don't measure) over med heat. Stir until combined and cook for about a minute. Add your vegetable broth and whisk together until you have no more lumps. Add both cans of soup and stir. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and also add a small pinch of your sage and about 3-4 shakes of cumin. (Add your powdered garlic if needed) Stir and taste. Add all of your (drained!!)veggies in. Add the meat substitute if desired and let it all heat together for a few minutes while you prepare the pie crust. (Mmm it's tasting good. Must keep spoon out of pan!)

Cut plastic and unroll pie crust. Place one pie crust in each pie pan, stretch a bit if needed so it comes up the sides. Spoon half of mixture into each crust. Spread it all out and taste again if needed (of course it's needed, must make sure it hasn't gone bad in the last 2 minutes). ;) Unroll the last 2 (one at a time of course) pie crusts and place on top. Pinch top crusts with bottom. Cut 3 slits on top to let out steam. Place on top of a cookie sheet in the oven just in case of spills. Cook for approx. 45min or until bottom crust appears done (I use glass pans so I can see it). If the crust edges get too dark you can use a pie shield thingy or use foil. Let them sit for about 15min or so before serving.

Okay, I think that's everything I did and hopefully I didn't miss any steps. Happy eating!

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