Friday, August 21, 2009

VPK Open House

I forgot my camera, please forgive me. I won't forget it come Tuesday morning when school starts!! (excuse me while I do a little WOOHOO dance)

Ian had Open House today at his Pre-K. He's going to the same school Logan went to (and Bella will go to) and has the same teacher Logan had as well. It's a small Christian school. The staff are wonderful there. It really feels like family. Dh came home to stay with L&B so just Ian and I could go over. We walked in and saw his teacher waving at us down the hall (and I dropped my keys and broke my car remote while waving back- ugh) and got a hug when we walked in. I saw my neighbor/friend Debbie and Logan's ex-preK teacher Mandy whose dd is also in Ian's class and met a couple of the other parents. From there we left the kids in the classroom and walked over to the Chapel for Orientation. Ian was fine when I left him. He was happily playing. We had talked about what would happen though so I'm sure that helped.

After orientation we walked back over and Ian was still happily playing by himself. He's kind of a loner without his brother around so hopefully school will bring him out a bit more- just not the wild side he has at home I pray! He says he's excited to go back and I know he'll be fine. I think he's ready for this next step. And it will be nice for Bella to get some just Mommy time too.

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