Sunday, August 30, 2009

School Daze

Ohh this getting up at 6:30am is for the birds! I liked my sleep-until-8am-or-until-Bella-woke-up gig I had going over the summer. This just bites. I've been trying really hard to be in bed with the TV off by 10:30pm so that early morning alarm doesn't bother me quite as much but you need to give me a few minutes before you ask me anything. I don't do coffee unless it's a Starbucks Frap (Grande caramel non fat, no whip, extra caramel or java chip non fat, no whip just for future reference. You know in case you feel like bringing me one, one day heehee).

So the boys have finished their first week of school. Logan seems to be adjusting fine to 1st grade. His teacher seems like she might be tough. I'm getting a totally different vibe from her vs. our Kindergarten teacher whom I loved. We'll see how the year progresses though. He has his 1st ever test this coming Wednesday. It's a spelling test and I know he'll be fine. The words are very basic right now. The part where he'll have issues is the sentence they have to write with correct punctuation and capitalization. He's forever capitalizing letters in the middle of a word or forgetting a period. He just sees it as writing the letter though and not that it's a capital letter per se.

Ian is loving his Pre-K classroom and teachers. I've had no bad reports from the teachers although he did come home one day and said 2 boys called him a name. Ugh. So far he seems to making a few friends though. He gets out of the car fine in the morning and comes home sweaty but happy. He's made me a few things already and even wrote his name. Progress already! I love it!

Bella is adjusting well to the fact her brothers aren't around as much anymore. She plays by herself and comes to me when she wants to. She's been happily playing with a cup and spoon all weekend. She stirs it and pretends to eat. Too cute! She has caught a cold though. It probably came from one of the schools. She's not exactly a happy camper. It's just a clear runny/stuffy nose but it makes it difficult for her to suck on her fingers for comfort. She woke up at least 4x on Friday night/Saturday early, early A.M. That is so completely unlike her so I know she was having issues. Her appetite hasn't been quite as robust either. She seems to be coming around though and knock on wood, noone else is showing symptoms. Lots of hand washing and hand sanitizer!

As for me, I'm loving the peace and quiet. No fighting, no screaming. The only part I'm not a huge fan of is the in and out of the car all day. Bella isn't so keen on that either and I have a feeling she may hate her car seat by the end of the year! LOL I'm not getting the WiFi signal I was getting last year so my netbook has done me no good in car line. I do have a DS to play though (and a new game!) and will hopefully start hitting up the library for some new books. Yes my dear friends, I said library. You can pick yourselves up off the floor now and close your mouths. I'm actually going to set foot in one for the first time in oh....15 years or so. Mama needs some new books and has no moolah, money, coinage, etc to go buy some. Plus I just don't know what to get everytime I set foot in a bookstore.

That's our first week update. I hope everyone else's week turned out as great as ours and for those just starting- good luck to you!

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Anonymous said...

You will love the library Karlise. You can put everything on hold online, and just run in to pick up your books when they are ready. I bet Bella would love story time too!