Thursday, October 12, 2006


What is with my son?? I had to drag him screaming out of the park today because he wasn't listening. He was even telling other adults NO. Yea, I'm NOT having that. We talked in the car a little bit (I was steamed) and he said "I'm a bad kid". OMG! I've never called him bad and neither has dh. I don't know where he got it from but it broke my heart (not enough not to punish him though). I told him he wasn't a bad kid but he was being naughty and not listening. He sat in his room for a few minutes once we got home. We talked and he said he was sorry though by that point, I don't think he knew what to be sorry for anymore. He mentioned being sorry for lying (huh?). LOL Oh well...he's 4, right?

Ian is my escape artist. Someone at the park didn't close the gate correctly (it's not rocket science people!) and Ian was over there. I thought it was closed and when I saw him, he was just opening it and I was probably 25 feet away. I ran! LOL I can really tell how much weight I've lost now! I felt much lighter running. Can I say- 25 feet feels like a much longer distance when it's your child you are running after. He did slip out of the gate but he stopped outside and I was able to grab him. He wasn't happy about it either. He checked the gate out thoroughly after I closed it to see if he could get out again.

DOOL=Days of our Lives
Anyone else watch this? I love the Belle scenes right now. She's doing a great acting job. I seriously don't get why Mimi would give up her child though! Didn't she learn the 1st time? And Bonnie raising it? Oh no! Shawn and Willow= bleh!
EJ and Kate= gross!!!!!!!
Lucas and Sami= belong together

Ghost Hunters started again last night. I love this show. I'm a believer in ghosts and dh is a skeptic and possibly total non-believer. I like that TAPS tries to disprove hauntings. Last night's show was in the BirdCage theater in Tombstone, AZ. Very cool! Lots of unexplained noises and shadows and even a full body apparition. I'd love to visit one day.

It's late and I'm off to bed.

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