Sunday, October 01, 2006


(Stole that from Racheal Ray LOL)

Some GFs and I went to Bern's dessert room last night. It was soooo cool!! When you walk in, it's dimly lit by these lanterns that give off a orange/red hue and there's a bunch of portraits on the wall, a huge mirror and a marble staircase. You go to the back and upstairs and the rooms in the dessert room are made from these huge (HUGE) old wine vats(barrels). We had a semi private room with a door. On the wall is a phone to call the live musician and a buttons to listen to different types of music. We each picked something chocolate and tasted a bit of everything and they were oh so sinful! I got a chocolate cheese pie which was like a choc. cream cheese mousse with homemade whipped cream and choc shavings. Mmmm I also got the most sinful tasting iced coffee- I barely tasted coffee it was so sweet and creamy. So much for the flex points! I bet I used enough for 2 weeks. LOL I brought a banana cheese pie home for dh and it was YUM-O!! (To the girls who went- it didn't fall apart in the car like I thought- it was half a banana I saw that I thought was cake in the dark). After dinner, we took a tour of the kitchens and wine cellar. That was really neat! I could watch the kitchen staff forever. The grill holds over 200 steaks at once and uses only charcoal (no gas/propane). They have 2 huge circular aquariums for their fresh fish(they only had a small window but we watched this huge fish swim by). The wine cellar was cold inside! Everything is labeled by the Dewey Decimal system just like the library. There's a "rare" room with bottles of wine that go back to the 1800's and range from $300 to $10,000/bottle. It's the pic with all the bottles in plastic. The plastic is there to protect the labels in the high humidity of the room since they are so old.
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Range of sizes
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Me before leaving Saturday morning (in my new size!)
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I went to the seminar with dh yesterday. Yawn! I guess it wasn't all bad bc I do have snippets of info in my head but it was def. more for Primerica people than it was for me or other spouses. Not something I want to do again. I was told it was at a golf club so I'm thinking a country club- something nice. Yeah, it wasn't. It's in the boonies of Odessa at basically a trailer park (or modular homes- some of which were nice looking) where they have a golf course. It was the Silver Dollar Golf Club and we were in the "rec" room. I was a bit more dressed up than needed for sure! Oh well, I got cute new clothes for it! LOL The boys did fine with my mom. I still hate leaving them. Ian got his first shiner while I was gone though. :( Logan was tumbling and hit him accidentally. He was happy to see me when we got home and clung to me for a while. Too cute! I am blessed to have 2 beautiful boys.
First shiner:
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