Saturday, October 07, 2006

Magical Moments

We went to Disney's Magic Kingdom today. Can I say once again, I LOVE Disney! The park was much more crowded than I expected but we had a great time as usual. At one point during the day, I decided to do the Teacups(Madhatter). Logan didn't want to go so I told dh, let's just stand over here so he can see what they do and then if he still doesn't want to go, we'll do something else. Of course, Logan wanted to go on after that. So we walk back over to the line and we are the last ones. A CM (cast member) comes over and asks us if any of us were having an "unbirthday" today. I said of course! She had us get out of line and walk to another side entrance. We got to go choose our teacup and then she and the crowd sang us "Happy Unbirthday". She gave us an 8x10 photo of Alice and the Madhatter before letting everyone else on the ride. It was so cool and we (I) felt so special! If you don't know, Disney is doing The Year of a Million Dreams this year. There are a ton of prizes to be won just by being there or entering via mail. I don't know if what we experienced was part of that or not, but I loved it!

We also got to see something else we'd never seen. The ceremony of lowering of the flag just before sunset. They had a band and color guard(security). They played a few USA songs while lowering it and then gave it to the "veteran" of the day to keep. I was honored to watch.

We're going to the Passholders only opening of the new Nemo ride next weekend at Epcot. Epcot also has their Food & Wine Festival going on. Mmmm Have I said I love Disney yet? LOL The countdown is on to our Disney vacation. Yea!!
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Ferry Boat at sunset
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