Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's Nemo!!

We went over to Epcot today to see the new Nemo ride over at the Living Seas. It was a passholder weekend preview only and it was really good! It feels kinda special to see everyone else turned away. LOL I know, that's mean. We actually did it twice and I would have gone again if Ian had cooperated. I LOVE the ending song "Big Blue World". It's part of the upcoming Nemo musical at AK too. I wish it was on a CD somewhere! I won't ruin it for those who haven't gone yet so I won't say what happens. There are videos on the web of it though. We did take some pics of the outside- it's the "mine, mine" birds! They are animatronic too- cool! These other pics are from the que (line you wait in). Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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It was also the Food & Wine festival- or just food in our case. I think this would make a great Girls Day (Julie? Amy?- since you both have passes!). Anyone up for it?? It runs thru Nov 12th! Anyway, we started out in Greece and Canada- we had Cheddar cheese soup and a Maple custard thingy at Canada and Spanokopita (spinach pie), Greek salad and baklava(walnut) in Greece. Then we walked over to France and I had escargot which was sooo yummy!!! When you think of snails, You don't think yum, but it's something you just have to try. It was in this butter garlic sauce with crusty bread. Mmmm. We also had chocolate creme brulee and a goat cheese tart which were both good. I had shrimp on the barbie in Australia. Dh bought pistachio baklava from Morocco and coconut rice pudding from India(didn't care for it). We also had Conga juice from Mexico which was good and refreshing. We ended up eating dinner in the Land instead of waiting in more lines. It was BUSY today. When Epcot is busy, you really can't tell a lot of times bc the park is so spread out. You could def. tell today. I got plenty of walking in so hopefully I burned off the calories. I found out a walk around the World Showcase is 1.2miles and we did that twice plus some. It was a gorgeous day and while my legs are tired, we had fun!!

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Kay said...

YAY! Glad to hear Nemo is good. I was so excited when I heard it was going to be open when we got there.