Monday, October 23, 2006


"Mama, my tummy is going cha-cha-cha." (Where in the world would he come up with something like that?)
"Jagyoulantern" (Jack O Lantern)

I'm sure there are more that I'm not remembering at the moment. My brain is fried.

And speaking of Logan, the child will still not poop on the potty. I'm at my wit's end! Rewards don't work, punishments don't work. I've taken trains away, taken tv away(no tv for 2 days now- WOW), put him in timeout and sent him to bed(nap). I won't put him in underwear bc he poops in them. Pullups are the same. He will pee on the potty, but #2 is a complete struggle. He knows what he needs to do, he promises he'll do it and then he doesn't. I'm going to try the naked thing again tomorrow and see what happens. Argh! I swear Ian will be PT before Logan is.

Ian has decided taking his diaper off is great fun! LOL I have to keep shorts or a one piece on him or he's pulling it off. Silly boy will then complain to us while holding his diaper and lay down without struggle to put it back on.

Our Fall Festival with the playgroup is Wed. and I hope we can go. Both boys and I seem to be getting colds although so far mine is holding off. I've been drinking Airborne and taking Cold Eeze. Logan's been drinking the airborne Jr too. Poor Ian is just suffering thru. Hopefully it will pass quickly. I don't want him miserable this weekend in PA.

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