Sunday, October 22, 2006

New neighbors

There are a few homes for sale in my neighborhood. One couple just moved in down the street a few weeks ago and have started fixing up the place. I can see them from my house and I drive by everytime I leave the house. Starting yesterday, they started painting it. OMG. It's got to be the FUGLIEST color! It's orange!! WHY for the love of ___ would you paint your house orange?????!!!!! Are you colorblind? DH joked they were painting it for Halloween. Ugh! Sometimes I think a HOA wouldn't be such a bad thing. I mean, really, if I bought paint and started painting with it and it was the wrong color, I'm totally taking it back to the store and getting a new color. I'm not going to keep painting. Now to be fair, my house needs a lot of work(mostly new door and paint) and it will get done but it's not bad looking if you're driving or even walking by. There's just no way to miss the ORANGE house. I'm ready to move....

I went by my parent's house tonight and ended up with a costume for myself (authentic Mexican skirt and peasant blouse), 2 leather belts for Logan's costume and leather laces for his shirt. My dad offered me this old non-working gun too but I declined that. It would have fit well with the costume though. He also offered me an old cup that would have looked great. I just don't think Logan's going to carry all that and I'm not into guns.

My sinuses are driving me crazy. The past 2-3 months, I smell cigarette smoke out of the blue. I'm getting a cold and it's getting worse. Ugh, why can't I smell something good like chocolate or strawberries. I really need to make an appt with a Dr. I just keep putting it off or forgetting. I loathe cigarettes!!!

I know there was more I wanted to blog, but I'm so forgettful nowadays.

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