Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dh thinks I'm nuts!

While driving thru our neighborhood tonight, I saw a Little Tikes climb & slide on the side of the road someone put out for trash. I was in dh's car and it wouldn't fit, so I called him and told him to stick the kids in the car and come help me. He thought I was nuts! LOL I guarded it while waiting for him. :-p I'm glad the people weren't home or they might think I'm nuts too! I told dh, this is worth good money. He said, yeah, but you aren't going to sell it. Nooo but I don't have to buy one either. And I could sell it eventually. I found a pic on Ebay of it and their's sold for over $50. It's just Ian's size.

I was a bit stressed today(the boys were just loud and Logan's attitude is driving me crazy!) so dh told me to go out and I went shopping. I went over to Burlington and found a nice coat for this winter. I don't think I'll be shopping for me again there anytime soon though. The racks are a disaster area in the women's section. Anyway, the coat I got is an off white "vanilla" corduroy with a faux fur lining. It's very cute IMO. The one I got is an exact replica aka knock off of the JLo coat. I saw both of them and noticed they had different tags and different prices. Ya, I went with the cheaper!

I also shopped with the boys today. We went over to BRU and while I thought about going over to Kohl's for the grand opening, I thought better of it when I saw how packed it was. We went over to JCP instead and I finally bought some luggage for our trip. The boys had fun playing inside of it when we got home. They fit in their respective suitcases rather well. Hmmmm LOL!

My GF started WW this week. I'm ready to support her in any way I can. I won't post her name in case she doesn't want anyone to know, but you go girl! You can do this!!

Speaking of WW, I hopped on the scale this morning and was up a couple of ounces. Boooo. I've been OP all week and within pts so I think I need to up my pts a bit. It seems when I eat more, I lose. I hate having to force feed myself though (what a problem to have!).

Okay- off to watch Grey's! I'll have to post about LOST later. Love that show!!

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Anonymous said...

You're not crazy, I would have done the same thing! I always have my eyes pealed when I'm driving through the neighborhood the night before garbage pickup! LOL