Thursday, September 28, 2006


Argh! I thought the even years were better! Logan has become this child I don't know anymore. Everything is NO. He's been getting up really early in the morning so the door knob cover went back on so he'll stay in his room and hopefully sleep later. Maybe the lack of sleep is doing it. Tonight dh got fed up with the backtalk and after being told to put a chair back and he slammed it away, he was put to bed about an hour earlier than usual- crying all the way and still being Mr Attitude. He promptly fell asleep though. Let's hope for a better day tomorrow.

Dh took his mortgage exam Wed and thinks he did okay. We won't get the results back for a few days I believe. He's been so much calmer though now that it's over. We talked about it and thankfully, when it comes to the securities license, he'll have much more than 2 days to study and he'll have a study partner. Phew!

After his test yesterday, he stayed home the rest of the day while I went shopping! I went to Beall's in PC and fit into every size 14 pants I tried!! Hooray!! I've finally dropped another size! I haven't been a 14 since 1994 or earlier! I went over to Beall's in Brandon too bc they were supposed to be holding a pair of capris for me, but they held the wrong ones. Grrr- oh well! I found even cuter clothes and even found an outfit for the conference Saturday. I also got new shoes at Peltz- woo woo. LOL Now I'm having a hard time finding a purse- everything is suitcase size or the wrong color. Can you wear dark, dark brown shoes with a lighter brown purse or even a black purse?

Our ressies are made for our flight to PA. I'm so not looking forward to the flight. The only flight we could get all 9 of us on, leaves at 6:30am with a layover in TN and we don't get to PA until noonish. THEN our return flight leaves at 6 with a layover in Michigan of all places and doesn't get back here until midnight! Ugh... I'm going to have to wake 2 little boys at 4am to drive to the airport to go thru security to wait another hour for the plane to leave. Poor dh- we won't get home til close to 1am I'm betting and he has to be up at 5:30 to go to work. We are renting a seperate car so hopefully while we look around PA, the boys can sleep until we can get to our hotel. I'm hoping they won't be too cranky. Ian will miss his nap for the anniv party so it should be a fun weekend. I think we'll stick close to home when we get back so we can back on schedule.

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