Saturday, September 09, 2006


Logan and I went to a birthday party today at the bowling alley. It was cosmic bowling and we had so much fun! It was his first time and he loved it. I have no idea what his actual score was since there were 3 kids in our lane and noone actually bowled on their turn all the time. LOL They played some old school music and I even danced! LMAO! It was to the Cha Cha slide. I am apparently the only one who knew it.

I applied for a new CT at the Sweet Shoppe. I got the newsletter today and over 120 people applied for 4 spots. I'm thinking my shot is not that great. :-( I'd love to be on their team though- I love the designers!

I went over to Joann's tonight for a bit to get some stuff for Logan's parties next week. He's decided on Thomas for his park party so to keep it simple, I'm making cookie pops. I found a cute pan tonight and you add your dough and put a stick in just like a lollipop. I think I'll add icing to some, maybe dip a few in leftover chocolate fondue I still have from my bookclub meeting and maybe some rice krispie treats or something. He's having a Cars party at home and I found the actual Wilton Lightning McQueen cake pan so I went ahead and bought it. I have a generic race car pan I bought originally, but I'll just stick it with the rest of my pans or sell it later on. I wish they had a Mater cake pan!

I'm still trying to figure out what to do for Halloween for my boys. I keep coming back to a pirate and parrot. All the pirate costumes seem so cheap looking though and good luck finding a parrot costume for a toddler. I'm thinking of making my own parrot but I think I'll have to order some feathers or feather boas online to get them cheap enough. In my mind, the costume doesn't seem so hard, but putting it together is something else. I'm not sure what to do about the pirate except scout out the Goodwill or something. Anyone have any ideas?

{Million Dollar Baby}
I watched this movie last night and wow it was good! It ended in a way I didn't see coming. Since dh is gone again tonight fixing a computer, I may have to watch another flick. Or maybe I should get moving on my bookclub book. hmmmmm

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