Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My son scared me to death this morning

Around 5:20am, dh gets up to look at the clock (presumably to make sure he hasn't overslept) and notices Logan's light is on and his door is open. It was really quiet though so I thought he had fallen asleep after turning it on. Dh walks out with a frown and starts searching the house. When he came back to the room again, I started to worry so I got up to search. We only have a 1200sq ft house! I even checked the doors which he can't open, but you just never know. Finally, I hear dh talking and he has found Logan under our bed (which is a storage area, no idea how he got under there). He had already glanced under there once(all sides) and didn't see him. When he found him, Logan crawled out and was crying. He apparently had a very bad dream (couldn't remember it this morning though). I let him crawl in bed with me and we slept for another hour or so. My heart was beating so fast! I was about to panic had dh not found him. I ended up having my own nightmare during our early morning "nap" re: someone wanting to hurt him. Let's hope he doesn't have anymore nighmares and if he does, he crawls into bed with us, not under it!

Speaking of scary stuff, Logan has taken a disliking to any Halloween scary stuff like masks, ghouls, ghosts, etc that you find decorating the party stores (and even Goodwill!). He's very wary of them but he doesn't freak out or anything. I wonder if that has anything to do with his dream.

Dh is working so hard to make money right now which is great, but I sometimes feel like it takes away from his kids. It's all hit or miss, so while he's getting alot of computer jobs this week, next week he probably won't. I know this whole new job on the side(Primerica), extra work(computers) will be hard at first and I'm prepared for that but I feel bad for the boys. Logan is always asking when Daddy will be home and that he misses him. Awww. Ian just wants to be with him. Daddy is the "fun" parent while Mommy isn't. I'm more the caregiver/disciplinarian but I'm also the one they run to when they are hurt which is okay with me. I love cuddling with them.

Scrapbooking news!! My CT(Creative Team) at DigitalFreebies has been axed but retrodiva(tracy) has decided to keep a bunch of us on as her personal CT! Yea!! I'm still hoping I get on with the SweetShoppe but I'm not holding my breath. LOL I need to get working on some layouts now.

Costume update- my gf Andrea sent me a pic of her little pirate from last year so I could get some ideas. I like the idea of taking off the "pearl" buttons and adding a leather string as lacing but I think I'll have to add some "button" holes to make it look right as crisscrossed. I've also been told twice now to take a black tshirt and cut off the sleeves and down the middle to make a vest. I wonder how that would look....

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