Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why do I do this?

Why do I watch things I know will be sad? Animal Planet played the very first Crocodile Hunter show (I think) from Feb 2000. It showed Steve from the time he was a boy and how he learned all he knew, the day he got married, the day his dd Bindi was born (That's when I cried!) and on and on. I cried because I can not imagine the pain Terri and her children are going thru. I cried for Bindi and Bob who have lost their father and their hero. I cried for Terri who lost such a wonderful husband and best friend. UGH!

Logan is doing so awesome at PT!!! (knock on wood) We've gone on 2 outings wearing undies and he's had no accidents. He's even pooped without me having to fight him. He did it today but didn't tell me and even forgot to flush (what a man! LOL). Of course that also means he didn't wipe. I guess we need to work on that. I'm so glad not to be changing his diapers anymore. He wears one to bed because he sleeps so soundly but that's it. He apparently learned to pee standing up while in the bathroom with Daddy at Disney so now that's the way he wants to do it. Unfortunately he sometimes forgets to lift his shirt and well, you get the picture.

I've finally sorta planned his birthday party too. We'll have a friends party at the park and a family party here at home. I think I'm keeping it simple this year. Just feeling lazy I guess. I think I've decided what to buy him too (like he needs anything!). I saw the Leapster and Leapster LMax at Target today and it's educational and fun looking. He loves playing on the PC at home. The games are kinda pricey but it lasts from like age 4-10 so it should be good for a while.

Ian has discovered he can climb the back of our couch to look at himself in the glass of the picture hanging there. He is such a little monkey! He also has attempted half heartedly to climb his crib. He just can't get that leg up there quite yet. I guess he'll be the one I buy a crib tent for. I can not imagine letting him loose in the room by himself just yet.

I think Ian will be our baseball player. He can throw hard and straight. I don't think Logan can throw straight! He's also into hitting- drives me crazy. He likes to bite my shirt when he's tired and if I tell him no, he just gives me that mischevious smile of his and tries to do it again. Oh my, I'm in trouble with this one!

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