Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Random stuff

Let's see, I didn't blog yesterday but it was 9/11- 5 years later and that day is still so fresh in my mind. May we never forget.

Today- we went over to Goodwill. I have it in my head to make the boys' costumes this year for Halloween. Logan will be a pirate and Ian will be a parrot. Cute, right? I found some big baseball pants for Logan that I will cut off below the knee and a ladies small baby blue blouse that had just the right amt of pouf to it for a pirate shirt. Dh doesn't think it looks quite right though(it has pearly buttons for one. LOL). Hey, it's the best I could find at Goodwill without dragging the kids there week after week. Ugh. He thinks we need a vest(which would look good) and I have no idea where to find one. I don't think a suit vest will look right and I. Don't. Sew. I don't like sewing and I don't own a machine although I'm sure my mom would lend me hers. I did find a pirate hat at GW(most expensive item I got today $13), a play sword, a scarf and a shell(puka?)/bead necklace. I also bought a bunch of feather boas in red, green and yellow for Ian's costume. My idea is to get a lightweight hooded shirt(if I can find one!) and glue the feathers in rows around it. I could add a beak to the hood and he could wear tights in yellow or orange. In my mind, it sounds good! LOL If anyone has an idea to help me with my costume making, please email me or comment!!! Here's a pic of Logan so far (again, the pants will be shortened and he'll have a rope or sash for a belt)

I got my official invitation to my grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary party in October. I'm excited to go even if it's only for a couple of days. I'm kinda worried about paying for it though. The plane tickets are what will be the most expensive I think. It seems like stuff just keeps coming up- now my van has to go into the shop Saturday. It has a knocking sound in the front like a CV boot or something. Let's hope it's nothing too expensive! I still have to buy my fall/winter wardrobe because I have NOTHING that fits anymore. Seriously, I'm down to some tanks and tshirts and 2 pairs of shorts that fit. Not that it's a bad thing! I love losing all that fat, but it will eventually get cold. I think I may try selling all my fat clothes on Ebay and see what I can get to pay for my new stuff. We also need luggage for the 4 of us, not only for this trip but for our Disney vacation.

Aahhh our vacation! I'm psyched!! And I know dh is as well. This will be our first vacation other than our honeymoon. We could never get tired of Disney. Only a couple more months!!

And lastly for now, potty training....sigh...he does so well peeing(except for nighttime and long car rides, he's trained) why can't he get the poop part down?! Why is it okay for him to poop sometimes in the potty but the other 95% of the time he goes in his undies? Argh! I'm trying a new tactic with giving him magnets if he goes and he'll get a prize once he earns 7 magnets but it's not working. I'm at a loss.

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