Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Disney and other random thoughts

We went over to the Magic Kingdom yesterday (Labor Day) for a few hours since dh had off. It was so nice (and quite surprising) to see how low the crowds were. We were able to walk right on to most rides. Logan was able to ride his first roller coaster (The Barnstormer over in ToonTown) and actually rode it twice. He giggled the entire time. It was so cute! I was surprised it went as fast as it did. He wanted to go on a 3rd time but we decided to take advantage of the light crowds and go on some other stuff. We went on It's a Small World and Ian starting nodding off just as the ride was finishing. Awww... if you know him, he doesn't nap just anywhere. He got in a good 30min nap in the stroller after that I'd say so he was doing good. We got to see the new Jack Sparrow show (from Pirates of the Carribean for those who don't know) and the actor we saw was great! He had the voice and mannerisms of Depp's character from the movie down pat! We went on the newly renovated ride afterwards. It would be fun if you didn't know the storyline behind Jack, but it's funnier if you do! I got to taste my first Dole float (no not the Dole whip, next time!). In the 50+ times we've been to Disney, I've yet to actually have a Dole Whip although I hear they are awesome. For those who don't know, it's vanilla and pineapple soft serve swirled together. Mmmm After that, we ate dinner, went on a few more things, visited some shops and came home. It was drizzling before we left but not enough to really require a poncho. I made dh drive home though because I hate driving in the rain, especially at night.

{Logan's Birthday}
It's coming up quick and I still haven't planned anything. I don't know what's wrong with me! I'm usually so on top of these things. I'm thinking of keeping it simple this year and doing a party at a park for his friends and doing a family party at home. Much as I dread a party at home, I'm not sure what else to do. I really don't have the space for 15 or so people. Heck, I only have one couch and 2 chairs in my living room and 3 dining room chairs! I guess half the people will have to stand. LOL I'm not sure what to tell people when they ask what to get him either. I'm very picky about his clothes and I usually don't like what people pick out. I'm not a snob, but Walmart clothes are not quality clothes! Go to the Children's Place in the mall- cheap prices but awesome quality! I'll even take Target clothes, just no Walmart. He owns books galore(loves reading like me!) and we own tons of toys with no room to store them. Maybe I'll ask for some homeschooling dvd's. He's learning so quickly, he's outgrowing the Leapfrog dvds he owns.

{So Sad}
The Creative Team I'm on over at DigitalFreebies is disbanding. I had so much fun doing new layouts for the designers. I can only hope I'll be picked for another team. For those who don't know, I love digital scrapbooking! It's so much fun and so easy. I don't have to worry about storing/buying a bunch of supplies. I can use the kits over and over changing the hues, mixing kits, cropping, etc. All I have to do is print them. I'm hoping to print some to give as gifts this year if I ever get on the ball about doing it!

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