Monday, September 25, 2006

Klepto Ian

Yep, my 1yr old son is a klepto. LOL Yesterday at the mall, we went into the Disney store. As we were leaving, he knocked over some stuffed animals(or so I thought!). Logan picked them up and we left. We went half way down one side of the mall and 2/3 of the way back when I looked down to see Ian holding a stuffed cat from Aristocats. OMG- how did I not notice that? So we had to trek back down to the Disney store and give it back. The lady was super nice and said it happens all the time- mainly with those little antenna toppers though. Guess I better watch lil sticky fingers better. :-D

Anyone who reads this- please pray Robert passes his exam on Wed. He's so completely stressed right now, it's not even funny. Little things set him off and then he stresses me out. Today it was a knob Ian swiped (klepto again!) from dh's receiver. Now we can't find it. As he's looking for it, he decides out of the complete blue that he's not recycling anything anymore and throws away all the plastic bags and cans I had in the kitchen waiting to go into the recycling box. Argh! See, stupid things! I said he can do what he wants, but I still plan on recycling and he says, well I take out the trash, I'll just throw them away. OMG...if he's this bad right now with the mortgage exam, I may divorce him when he goes for his securities license! Pray for him, and pray for me(LOL).

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