Thursday, July 02, 2009


My baby girl has weaned herself. Little Miss Independent (15 months) has decided she no longer wants her Mama milk and has been quite adamant about it. I tried and I tried to persuade her but she'll have nothing to do with it now. sigh... She's so different than the boys were. Neither of them weaned until age 2+ and that was only because I was pregnant at the time. I feel partly like I failed somehow but I know she's just a different child and more independent.

So now instead of nursing in the morning and before bed, we cuddle. Our glider chair (although quite beaten up and in desperate need of new cushion covers- anyone want to sew some for me?) is finally getting the use it was meant for. The boys love to cuddle too but they were never *rockers*. We used the chair to read books and that was about it. Now I hold her and she lays her head on me and I sing and say a prayer to her as we rock at night. I rock her a bit before naptime too. I'm treasuring these moments because I know she's going to grow up so fast and it's quite possible (and almost for sure) that she'll be my last baby. :'( I'm going to have to hope that 14 months of nursing was enough and that she got the very best from it.

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