Friday, July 31, 2009

New Product Alert!

Do you love onion rings? Don't like the hassle of making them? I found these Alexia snacks at the grocery store (and Costco) and they are so good! They are ACTUAL onion rings, okay well strips of onion instead of rings but they taste exactly the same without having the onion fall out of the breading when you bite it. They are crunchy like a chip though. Mmmm. They would be even more awesome with a dip like a blooming onion has. So if you love onion rings you should grab a bag of these next time you're out shopping.
(Nutritional info: 150Cal/8Fat/1Fiber)

Also check out their Waffle Fries. I tried the Bold and Spicy BBQ ones the other night when I found them on BOGO and they definitely lived up to their name. They were extra crunchy and had just enough spice. My only issue with these- there's not enough in a bag to go around! The label claims 5 servings but I was lucky to get 3.


jennifer said...

I saw those at Publix for a BOGO but said no due to the very small bag and high price (for sooooo little).

Karlise said...

Yes, had they not been BOGO I would not have bought them.