Saturday, July 25, 2009

Date Day

I actually had a date this morning! Dh and I have been wanting to go see the new Harry Potter movie as we both loved the books and the other movies so I called my mom yesterday to see if she'd come over to babysit. She said she would so this morning dh and I took off for a few hours all by ourselves. It was so nice! After the movie we went over to Moe's ("Welcome to Moe's!") for some lunch. Yum! Every parent needs a bit of adult time with their spouse once in a while IMO.

As for the movie. We were a bit disappointed in it. They left out sooo much and added/changed scenes that really didn't need to be there. Usually a good movie leaves you wondering where the time went. This time I felt like I'd been sitting there for 2.5 hours. :( I just wish they'd stayed truer to the books. Since they did leave stuff out I'm wondering how they are going to make the next 2 movies (1 thick book left so they are splitting it). I'm glad we got to see it though.

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