Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yowie! I'm a lobster!

I'm feeling a bit crispy at the moment and I'm sure it won't feel much better in the morning. Our friend Karen invited the playgroup to her community pool to swim this morning. We were the only ones to go but we all had a lot of fun. Logan rediscovered he could swim this past Saturday in a jacuzzi and he was swimming and diving a ton today in the pool. Ian barely got in the water (need to get that boy into lessons asap!). He played on the steps mostly. And Bella stayed with me on my lap as I sat on the steps. I dunked her a few times and had her hold onto me while I kicked her feet behind her just like Mr. Thom, our now-moved-away swim instructor used to do to the boys and she didn't mind too much which surprised me because she hates getting her face wet. Most of the time she just sat happily with me though.

Sitting on the steps wasn't a great idea. I totally forgot sunscreen on my legs and they are quite red from mid-thigh to my knees. My shoulders are also red and I DID put sunscreen on. I put on some spray this morning and it seemed kind of oily like it was bad or something so I wiped it off and put some SPF50 lotion on. I thought I'd be okay but I was wrong! Ugh. I don't know what happened. I only put SPF15 on my face and it's fine. So all night now I'm been lotioning, diaper creme'ing and vinegaring my lobster red body. I'll try it all at this point.

The kids were SPF'd up too and Logan only got a little pink. Thankfully they all got daddy's Puerto Rican skin and they tan nicely. The biggest issue today for Logan was his eyes. I guess the chlorine in the pool really got to him and his eyes were burning terribly when we got home. I tried saline but getting him to hold his eyes open is impossible. He did say the funniest thing tonight though. When DH got home Logan was telling him about swimming. And he came out with, "... but it hurt my eyes, there are invisible tentacles in the water!" LMAO. So cute! Next time, he'll wear goggles. We wouldn't want any more tentacles getting in his eyes!

Burned or not, I'm just glad we got out of the house and the kids all had fun. I don't think I'll be headed out in the sun for a few days though. Sunburn + more sun= more pain! No thank you!

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Karen said...

Sorry you got burnt. What was weird was that Joshua and I got nothing and Shawn got a little pink on his face (gone in the morning though). He's probably the darkest of us all. Maybe it was because he was swimming under water a lot.