Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Rest in Peace MJ

Despite all the controversy over your life you were a musical genius, an awesome entertainer and a pop icon. You really did help heal the world and make it a better place. You brought all races, religions and classes together with your music. You were known the world over for your charitable works and you will be sorely missed. You were truly gone too soon. We will miss you Michael Jackson and I hope that you are at peace now in Heaven. Regrettably I never got to see you perform in person but maybe one day I'll have that opportunity. Rest in peace.



Amanda said...

I've cried so much today I had to take my contacts out hours ago. It's all so sad to me. Sad that he's dead, sad for his family, sad for his children, sad for the hurting man that he was. It is also sad that he had to die for many people to remember or realize he was a person just like you and I...what a ledgend. I hope he is in pain no more. For days I just keep saying..."Michael Jackson is dead." Very hard to believe...

Anonymous said...

It is sad that he had such a tormented life, all the issues he grew up with. I feel like his father is so responsible for that, for being so cruel and exploiting him...I don't know, such a shame he died too young and he was so talented, his voice, charisma and abilty to dance are unique,he was one of those people that are born one every thousand years. Also, I don't believe he was a pedophile, nothing was ever proved. Just a lot of people tried to take advantage of him and rip him out of his money.
Marta N. Davis