Thursday, July 30, 2009

More to the story

So my Dad called this morning and he was actually thinking of taking a trip to PA himself this fall/winter. He wants to go the week after Thanksgiving because my Gran's 90th birthday is that week. (Wow. 90 years.) He said we could stay at his cousin's house(she has a donkey farm) and that she has plenty of room for 2 nights and then we'd head to Philly for another night in a hotel. So that would be 3 nights total for hotel instead of 5. It would only knock maybe $200 off the cost though and maybe some food. That would bring the next issue up though- fitting 6 people into my truck. It has a 3rd row but it's too small for an adult. I could maybe put one of the kid's carseats back there though but with the 3rd row up there isn't as much room for luggage and the pack and play I'd have to bring. And once again we'd have to deal with the COLD weather aspect. Yuck. More to think about....

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