Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Aahhhh. Christmas Eve dinner(with the IL's) is over. Everyone has gone home and the house is quiet again. Both boys are in bed although Logan just went to bed (10:30). I had to go get him out of bed a second ago because we forgot to leave cookies and milk out for Santa. He was so excited. He picked out 3 gingerbread cookies we baked yesterday and he told me Santa likes chocolate milk so that's what we gave him. LOL Dh told him Santa would be so happy that Logan gave him chocolate milk and Logan's eyes just lit up. He practically ran back to bed so Santa could come see him. What a wonderful age he's at.
Dinner went very well. My HBH cajun fried turkey came out wonderful as usual. They just do such a good job- the flavor must be injected into it because you can taste it all the way thru the meat. I made fresh sweet potato casserole, fresh green bean casserole (98%FF and noone could tell!), turkey gravy and a vegetarian meat/mushroom gravy mix, pumpkin pie, pumpkin praline cake, oreo truffles and christmas crack candy. We also had rice & beans, mashed potatoes, eggplant parmesan (don't ask), arroz con dulce which is a sweet rice like a dessert, and bread rolls (1pt!). Everyone left stuffed I think. Logan didn't eat at all so he had a banana and milk before bed. He was just too busy playing.
Everyone opened gifts and the boys got a bunch of toys of course! Logan got a wood train he can put together with dh, one of those plug/play video games, a water gun(yay-not), and a Cars blanket, pillow and comforter. Ian got 3 of the V-Tech Smartville sets which means after tomorrow he'll have the entire set, a set of puzzles, a ride on Mater and a see & say toy. I got a pair of earrings (silver unfortunately but very pretty), a Disney Tinkerbell snowglobe, a set of glass votives and a vase to match and a GC to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Dh got a GC to JCP (which I'm sure I'll use LOL), Sean John cologne and I'm not sure what else. It was a good night though all around. I can't wait to see Logan's face in the morning!

I did get my iPod early. Dh said "Here, you already know you're getting it." LOL He also got me some new headphones with a bunch of different size ear thingys so I can find the perfect ones. The ones that came with it hurt my ears after a while. He did get me some other stuff too- some kind of jewelry I know. He left the bags out- duh! He's so funny. I keep telling him, Just hide the stuff! It's not like I was poking around looking either, they were in the dining room. Ugh. LOL

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