Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Colds, MNI and more

I have a cold. Blah!!!! I hate being sick. My head is stuffy, my ears are stuffy, my nose alternates between running and stuffy, my voice is dying and I feel so tired. But I'm a mom and moms don't get sick days.

Despite that, we went to dh's office Christmas party yesterday. His boss closed early and we all went to the Rockhouse Grill. It's a bar/grill that's part of a hotel near the office. It wasn't condusive to kids but we managed. Most of the tables are the tall tables with tall chairs like bar stools. We did have a portable booster with us so at least Ian was somewhat safe buckled in. It was pretty good food and company. I got to see a few employees I used to work with and it's always nice to catch up. Everyone got a grab bag and we even won a tv. I have no idea what kind or size and I have no clue what I'm going to do with it. We certainly don't need one and I don't plan on allowing one in the boys' rooms anytime soon.

I had a Mom's Night In (MNI) last night at Jen's. Omg! I haven't laughed that hard in ages. I had tears in my eyes and had a hard time catching my breath. We did a "I never" game which is a drinking game (some of us were drinking, others only soda/water). It got rather R rated sometimes. LOL What is said to the girlfriends, stays with the girlfriends though so I won't post anything. I learned a lot of new stuff though about my girls! We also played Taboo and Heather's team kicked my team's butt! Everyone brought good food and we had good conversations. It's just so nice to get out with my friends.

Christmas is only 13 days away! I think we've bought everything but we still haven't decorated or even started wrapping. I have packages to mail and stuff to pick up. I feel more overwhelmed this year. I guess it's because I have a toddler and preschooler with me at all times. Getting both in and out of the car and keeping them content while shopping or waiting in lines can be tough. I need to start thinking of our Christmas Eve dinner menu and start buying food. On top of it all, dh has to finish painting a small section of the house and we have to make time to use tickets to Busch Gardens we were given. (I know poor me LOL)

I haven't done a single layout for my retrodiva scrapbooking team although I have tried. I've tried a few times and I'm not liking anything I do. It's like I've lost all inspiration. Ugh...

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