Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Labels from Heaven?

ETA: He hadn't died when this happened last night. He died at 5:55pm tonight peacefully with family surrounding him.

I'm not positive yet, but I believe my Grandpa died today. They were taking him off of life support. His kidneys had shut down and I was told he was brain dead. I haven't heard anything official though. That leads me to my story. Tonight I was getting ready to wrap gifts. I'm just starting so I have a bunch to do. I've been searching for Christmas labels and I know I have some but they are nowhere to be found. I went into my room to get a pen and I figured I'd look in my armoire to see if I had stashed some labels in there. As I'm looking, a bag of Christmas ribbon falls from the top of my closet- seemingly out of nowhere. Inside are labels- maybe enough to get me thru my gifts. It was like someone said, here some are. I looked up towards the ceiling and gave a thank you to whoever helped me out. Maybe it was my Grandpa. I told dh and he said his hair was sticking up after hearing the story. So thank you to my friend above for sending my labels! Now I gotta get wrapping. I had to share this first though.

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