Tuesday, December 26, 2006

So Spoiled

Yes, I am spoiled and so are my boys. I freely admit it. Dh not only bought me an iPod but a beautful diamond ring like this one Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and a matching pair of Mickey mouse earrings and necklace that he also bought at Bond plus a box of Godiva SF chocolates-mmm. I received mucho compliments yesterday on them and him. ;)

My boys were also spoiled rotten. Logan got the entire Cars playsets plus Mack, the FP digital camera which he LOVES, and tons of other stuff. Ian now has the entire VTech Smartville playset. Where am I going to put it all?! Logan loves Ian's TMX Elmo too although Ian isn't real sure of it yet.

As for other gifts, I think people just don't think sometimes or they just don't care. Dh and I received a giftcard to Longhorn STEAK house. Hello? Dh doesn't eat meat- of any kind! I've checked out their menu before and there's nothing he can eat there. Don't me get me wrong, we're grateful, but come on! The comment I got was oh, there's plenty of side dishes he can eat. Ugh. Oh well, which of my friends wants to come with me and eat there? LOL Dh said to invite someone! I still have Outback and Red Lobster GCs too but at least they can be used at other more veggie-friendly restaurants. We just don't eat out as often as we used to. Then at dinner, I heard this more then once- I didn't add such and such since I didn't know if he ate it or not. Ok, I've been married to him for nearly 8 years and you can't remember from year to year that the only thing he doesn't eat is meat? I guess at least they think of him and try to accomodate him. The biggest gift of the night was the Roboraptor we gave my nephew. EVERYONE wanted to play with it. That was the COOLEST. toy. ever.

My house once again looks unclean. It WAS clean thanks to DH on Sunday. I cooked Sat./Sun./Mon. so he cleaned for me. I don't know how anyone can make an entire dinner in one day. Phew! Now I have a ton of laundry to do not only of dirty clothes but all the gifts from smokers we received. Ugh. Logan can't use his new comforter/blanket until I wash them. Each of them got clothes from my grandparents and they stink like smoke too.

Except for some family drama, it was a wonderful Christmas and I feel very blessed. I did notice that my dad did not say the blessing before dinner this year. Every year he says it and every year he tears up. I guess this year would have been too hard for him and he wouldn't have made it thru (his dad/my grandpa died last week). Hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas!

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jennifer said...

Yes you are spoiled but in a good way!! You deserve it all baby!