Thursday, December 07, 2006

Should I be insulted?

While leaving Publix tonight, I had a discussion with the bagger who was taking my groceries out to the van. I had noticed the Toys For Tots box near the exit so I asked if I could just bring my new toys in.
Him: No, that's for people who buy toys in the store to donate.
Me: What does it matter, it's all going to the same organization. I have new toys at home I'd like to bring in.
Him: Ummm it's an organization for really poor kids. They don't want people's used, beat up toys.
Me: I have new toys.
Him: Are they still in their box, unopened?
Me: Yes, they are NEW.
Him: (very low voice- I think he said it was okay or something)

At this point, he was done with the groceries and I just walked to my door without a thanks or have a good night. Should I feel insulted? I really feel this guy was just an idiot. Ugh!


Misty said...

I think this time of year they are all idiots. lol He was probaly not paying attention to you.... like most men. lol Then, when he realized what you were saying he prob. felt silly. lol

christine said...

I would not bother about it! He was probably tired out!