Thursday, December 28, 2006


I'm trying to be patient. My PC needs new memory and it came in yesterday. It's simple to put in or so I'm told but dh didn't do it last night. He KNOWS I'm waiting on it. I can't do any scrapbooking without it. I can't even finish the layouts I've been working on because they won't save. Argh! He's out tonight working on his business, he'll be gone tomorrow night for the same thing, Saturday we're going to a train show and Sunday we have a New Year's party. Monday he's meeting his buddy. Man, I hope he gets home early enough tonight to do it. I'm itching to scrap!!

On a totally different subject, I've found a new way to clean my diamonds. None of the store bought cleaners ever seem to work like a good steam cleaning from the jewelry store and my rings are looking so dingy- especially compared to my new one, sooo I boiled some water in a coffee cup and dropped my rings in it for a minute or 2. I pulled them out with an old toothbrush and held them with a kitchen towel (they were hot!) and brushed them with the toothbrush. Voila! So much better looking even if not steam cleaned perfect.

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