Monday, December 18, 2006


I got some sad news today. My grandpa (paternal) has been given 24-36 hours to live. He has dementia but the last time I saw him (late October) he was still very spry and he always had a smile. He loves to dance and danced with all the ladies at his anniversary party. He's around 87 yrs old I believe. He had to go into the hospital where they found out he has uremic? poisoning and he's contracted pneumonia. I feel terrible for my dad. He's tried to stay close to his family even though we live so far away (FL/PA). He always tears up during the Thanksgiving and Christmas blessing. I'm really glad we were able to visit one last time in October. The flight was a PITA but I know I would have felt horrible if I hadn't gone and this happened. I'm glad my boys got to meet him again. It was only their 2nd time. He was so good with them too. He loves kids. I can't believe it's happening right at Christmas time. My dad is planning on driving up after he gets the call that his dad is gone. I'm not sure why he's waiting. I hope that Grandpa is strong and can make it thru the holidays though. Doctors don't know everything! Only God knows when he wants my grandpa to come home. I can only pray it's peaceful and he's surrounded by family and love.

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