Monday, December 29, 2008

Babies everywhere!

My friend Heather had her baby just a couple of months ago. Scarlett announced she's having a baby just a few weeks ago and now yet another of my friends (who shall remain nameless until she tells everyone) has announced her pregnancy. Don't drink the water around here! We went thru a baby boom just 3.5 yrs ago too with Scarlett, Jen, Amy, and me all having boys. So who is next.....?

I'm a bit sad though because they all are having babies this summer which still leaves my poor Bella-boo without a playmate in our playgroup. Why couldn't you girls have gotten pregnant like 18mo ago give or take a month?! I mean really. The rule in our group should be that noone is ever pregnant alone so all babies have a same age playmate.

Totally kidding! I wish everyone the healthiest of pregnancies and babies and I can't wait to meet them all!!


Heather said...

I tried to be pregnant at the same time as you! Had to take what I could get. LOL! The suspense is killing me trying to figure out who else would be pregnant!

Debbie said...

I'm no longer in the group, but just from blog postings, I have to wonder about Melodie....(Includes facebook updates!) LOL!