Saturday, December 06, 2008

Back to WW I go

Ugh!!! I'm still 30lbs more than I was pre-Bella. Blech. I saw pics of me from yesterday and I look awful. Part of it is the clothes I'm wearing too. I have to go shopping. I know I really shouldn't but I only own 3 shirts now that fit (others have holes thanks to my stupid, fricken washer- that's a whole other post. I need a new washer) and of those 3 shirts, 2 make me look fat!! I didn't think that until I saw myself in pics with them. gross.

So I'm going back to my Weight Watchers. I've been sporadically counting for the past week or two but I need to get my butt back on it full time. I refuse to gain more weight and I refuse to EVER be that fat again in my life if I can help it. I will be making my usual December exceptions for my cookie exchange and Christmas but that's it. ;) Bella is eating solids more and more (the girl can't live without them now LOL) and she's nursing less so my points have dropped by 5. It's hard but I can do it.

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Anonymous said...

I am so with you. I am in a funk and I know it is because I cannot not/will not get control of my eating!

MSN Sept 2002