Thursday, December 04, 2008

Our Elf is here!

Since the kids all went to see the Big Guy himself last night, I guess the BG thought it was the perfect time to send one of his elves to watch over us. He's just here to observe and report back to the BG on all naughty and nice goings on and maybe get into some mischief himself. You know how they are.

Apparently while they boys were asleep last night, our elf helped himself to their Legos and made some kind of red Lego vehicle. He then parked himself way up on top of the kitchen cabinets on top of their Star Wars Lego vehicle for the night. Logan spotted him this morning and was going on and on about it. When Ian woke up, Logan grabbed his hand and showed him our Elf and then led him all over the house to see if the Elf had done anything else. It was funny.

We'll see what other adventures he gets himself into....

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